Romelu Lukaku Inter Milan
Romelu Lukaku Man United Belgium

Manchester United star Romelu Lukaku broke his drought at Old Trafford this weekend when he scored against Fulham.

But this one goal will do very little to win back the Manchester United fans.

Ever since he joined United, the Belgium international has been average infront of goal but this season it seems Romelu Lukaku has hit a new low.

Jose Mourinho has not hesitated to push him to the bench often playing Jesse Lingard or Marcus Rashford upfront.

While there are many things wrong with Romelu Lukaku but the one thing that has caught the attention of everyone his the amount of weight that he has gained.

And now even the striker himself has admitted that him bulking up has caused a hindrance to his form in the Premier League.

“A little bit of muscle, yeah. It was at the World Cup. I just felt great and I think I played great over there, and then when I came back it is a different type of style,” Romelu Lukaku said.

“In the Premier League, I cannot play with the same amount of muscle as international football,

“That was something that when I came back I knew straight away: ‘Nah, I cannot play in this style like this.’ I had to lose muscle basically. So you just stay out of the gym, drink a lot of water, and a lot of veg and fish and it helps.

“After the World Cup, I think I really was a bit tired,

“But, you know, I had the same thing in 2014 after the World Cup when I came back to Everton, I was really in a slump after the World Cup. So now I think I am in a decent level again and ready to go again. I knew this.

“Me and the [United] medical staff, we did like a lot of tests to see what was the problem. I had a hamstring injury, which is something that never happens to me.”

Romelu Lukaku has often been seen chasing his own first touch which has reduced him to mockery amongst every footballing fan in the Premier League.

But there is no denying that the Belgium international is a goal-scoring machine who just needs to find his confidence back.

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