Manchester City Player Tried To Emulate Zlatan But United Fans Were Having None Of It


Zlatan Ibrahimovic made a return to the footballing pitch after an absence of seven long months and during his post-match interview, the big Swede was back to his sarcastic best.

When he was asked about his astonishing speed of recovery and about fears that he might never play again, Zlatan simply said, “No, lions don’t recover like humans.”

While most United fans were happy to have him back in the first team setup, Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy who is also recovering from the same injury tried to take a sly big at the United superstar.

Shortly after Ibrahimovic’s interview, Mendy posted a tweet where he was seen doing kick ups and it had the hashtag #sharksdontrecoverlikehumans.

But sadly United fans were having none of that. Most of the Red faithfuls went after the Frenchman for trying to mock Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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