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Pundit explains the hypocrisy between Arsenal and Manchester City: Is he saying the right thing?

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Arsenal are still keeping challengers MCFC at arm’s length in the race for the EPL title but pundit Jamie Carragher feels that people’s perceptions are vastly different when it comes to these two teams.

The Gunners have lost one league game less than Manchester City but still, most people feel that a collapse is just around the corner. There’s a general view that MCFC are putting their foot on the peddle whereas Arsenal are starting to falter and Carragher believes this judgement can only be altered in one way.

When Man City score in the last minute we say “great mentality”, but because it’s Arsenal we’re saying “oh, they’re choking, they’ve got to score in the last minute because they’re not playing well enough,” Carragher told Sky Sports’ MNF(h/t Standard).

“But that narrative will change if they win the title. We’ll be saying something different next season.”

Can MCFC eventually catch up with Arsenal by the end of May?

Well, the primary reason why most people are still backing Manchester City in this title race is that they are the seasoned pro. On the other hand, Arsenal are finding themselves in this situation for the first time so there’s no prior experience. It’s been ages since they had been in a proper title race which is why they have no idea how to close things off.

Up until now, Mikel Arteta’s side have done really well but Man City are still within a touching distance which means they cannot afford to take their foot off the peddle.

MCFC will remain calm because they know they have a chance even until the final matchweek of the Premier League.

The bookmakers as well as the experts are still slightly favouring MCFC and this will continue until the very last match. It will only take one stumble for Arsenal to mess things up and we have a feeling that this random defeat will come sooner than later. Last month, the Gunners suffered a shock defeat at the hands of Everton and we think, their next slip up will also come against a minnow.