Mino Raiola might just be a deciding factor towards this Italian’s move to Man Utd

According to reports, Manchester United are preparing a £70 million bid for PSG’s midfielder Marco Verratti.

Why did the Barcelona interest crumble?

Initially, Barcelona looked to be the potential destination for the 24-year-old Italian and the Catalans were looking at him as the long-term replacement for Andres Iniesta. And as the negotiations between the two clubs were going on, Verratti’s agent Donato Di Campli made a comment which created a fair bit of outrage. After that incident, Verratti had to come out and publicly apologise to everyone.

Due to the comments, Verratti immediately sacked Di Campli from his agent’s role and appointed a new agent. And ever since then it looks like the move to Barcelona has come to a halt and the Catalans no longer hold pole position in the transfer.

What gives Manchester United the upper hand?

Well after sacking Di Campli as his manager, Marco Verratti has appointed Mino Raiola as his new agent. And this has come as a huge boost to Manchester United and Jose Mourinho. As soon as Raiola was appointed Verratti’s agent, the media started reporting that United now have the upper hand and the red half of Manchester are preparing a bid for the Italian.

Mino Raiola has wonderful relations with Manchester United and has done a lot of business with the club in the previous few season. This transfer window Raiola has already sold Romelu Lukaku to United and he would love to do business with the club once again.

The Football Fan Base view:

Manchester United are rumoured to be preparing a bid which is somewhere in the region of £70 million pounds. And with Raiola as Verratti’s new agent, United will surely test PSG’s resilience with such a huge offer.

But the reports also claim that PSG have already conveyed a message to Man Utd that they will only be interested in selling the player to United if Jose Mourinho is willing to add Anthony Marital into the bargain.