Ole Solskjaer Man United EPL
Ole Solskjaer Man United

After humiliating themselves against Liverpool, Man United have now lost to Manchester City meaning manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is under real pressure.

The loss means United are currently nine points behind the Premier League leaders and have lost three out of their previous four matches. And according to pundit Roy Keane, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer might not be the right man to bring back the glory days at the club.

Keane is one of those pundits who had wholeheartedly backed the Norwegian when he was appointed as the permanent manager but even the Man United legend is now slowly losing faith in the United boss.

“You have to draw the line now. It’s not quite happening,” said Keane, as quoted. “Ole is a brilliant guy and an honest guy but management is about survival and he’s got to get a result in the next game.

“A coach or a manager can’t give a player courage. I have to remind myself it’s hard out there but they shouldn’t be 11 points behind Chelsea.

“I think Ole will be under more pressure than the Liverpool game. The way they lost, it’s a derby game.

“Ole was shook up in that interview, it’s tough for a manager when you’ve got beat in a match and he’s getting asked hard questions but he’s steps up and he always has and I’ll give him that.

“But if you’re a manager, this morning he spoke about the players being in a good mood in the hotel whatever the hell they were doing, you’re going into a match looking at the bus and Shaw, Maguire, Fred and your job is depending on these guys? You’re in trouble.

“You got international players. Anyone who tells me Fred is good enough for United – they’re in cuckoo cuckoo land.

“Cavani is 30 odd you can’t hang your hat on him every week. I can imagine Ole looking at players and not knowing what you’re going to get.

“Micah will enjoy their day and they all have their little day, Liverpool one title in 30 years. Man United are in a bad place, but there’s a way out. Is Ole the man to do it?

“Huge question marks. I hope he is but it’s more hope than belief.”

Can Ole Gunnar Solskjaer turn things around at Man United?

The Man United has accepted that his side are in a really poor position right now and they have practically hit rock bottom. He’s confident he can turn this around after the international break, despite everyone thinking otherwise.

Even if he can manage to pull them back up but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer clearly does not have the capability to challenge managers like Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola for the league title.

Mostly dubbed as a vibes manager, Ole has been showing his lack of tactical skills with each passing week and there’s every chance that he might not remain the Manchester United manager when the players return after the international break.

Man United were pathetic on Saturday and if Man City have pushed on in the second half the scoreline could have easily looked even more embarrassing than the Liverpool defeat. Not to mention the fact that De Gea made a series of top saves in the first half.

We are more than confident that the management will be looking at possible alternatives over the next fortnight and if they can convince a top manager to take charge then Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be on his way out.

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