Premier League
Premier League

Right now all possible solutions are being thought of to find the perfect plan to end the 2019-20 Premier League season but according to former Hammers man David Cross, there is no way that everyone can be pleased.

Project Restart has been on everyone’s lips over the past couple of weeks but as per Cross, a number of teams will have objections to a lot of details in the whole arrangement and most of these arguments are genuine and valid.

He said on Moore Than Just A Podcast, as quoted by Claret & Hugh: “I worry logistically how you could do it, we don’t know how long this lock is going to take and we don’t really know when the lockdown is finished, whether we will get back to any normal kind of life where people can go out and watch football or watch cricket so the main thing that sticks in my mind is constantly is most people in our country believe in fairness.

“Liverpool has been the best team this season and they deserve to win the Premier League and if you scrubbed it completely and said this season didn’t take place at all, that would desperately unfair on Liverpool. You have the other side like someone like West Ham would avoid relegation, it is so difficult to look at it from all sides.

“What do you say to Leeds and West Bromwich Albion? Top of the championship, sorry you are not going to get promoted this season.

“Going back the thing about being fair, I think we are a nation of fair-minded people, I think it would be fairer if you going to scrap the season, is scrape next season and finish this one and see how it pans out.   

“Logistically it’s not great because the footballers have had two months off now, they need a pre-season, they can’t be the same they were two months ago when they were in full flight ready for the last few games of the season, it’s so difficult and I am glad I am not part of any decision-making process.

“Whatever happens you are gonna make a lot of people very unhappy, there’s gonna be some people very happy and people very unhappy, its a no-win situation for whoever makes those decisions.”

Is the Premier League resumption a full proof plan?

All the big clubs, as well as the Premier League authorities, are in favour of finishing the remaining 92 matches in the current season because they have a lot riding on it.

From winning the trophy to securing Champions League and Europa League sports, teams like Man United, Wolves and Liverpool will actively try to resume the season.

The same goes for all the clubs which are currently in the relegation zone since ending the 19-20 season abruptly might mean they could be forced to move back into the Championship next season.

But despite all these matters at stake, we are pretty sure there will be some clubs who will oppose the restart of the EPL citing safety and health issue – which is a completely valid point.

The UK government is expected to allow sporting events to resume from June 12 which will include the Premier League as well but what remains to be seen is whether the authorities are ready to listen to all the clubs who will stand against this decision.

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