Luke Shaw vs Ben Chilwell Man United EPL
Luke Shaw Man United

Man United full-back Luke Shaw might be in trouble for his comments about referee Stuart Attwell after the official refused to award a penalty to Man United during their 0-0 draw vs Chelsea.

The ball seemed to touch Callum Hudson-Odoi’s hand inside the penalty box but Attwell, after watching replays on the pitch-side monitor chose not to award the spot kick to Man United.

And this decision has been the centre of debate ever since Luke Shaw went on to claim that the referee refused to give the decision in favour of Man United due to fear of backlash from the media and pundits.

Shaw said on Sky Sports after the match: ‘At the time, I saw a handball, I didn’t know whether it was Mason or Callum. I just carried on. I didn’t even know there was a potential check.

‘I don’t know why they stopped [the game] if it wasn’t going to be a pen.

‘The ref even said to H [Maguire], I heard him say if I say it’s a penalty then it’s going to cause a lot of talk about it after so I don’t know what happened there. H [Maguire] said that they got told it was a penalty by VAR.’

Man United have since come out to clear the air stating that Luke Shaw misheard Harry Maguire regarding the penalty and there was no malicious intent on behalf of the left-back.

Things should have eased down a bit after this statement but it looks like Luke Shaw might be in trouble for his comments and could even face a ban from the FA.

The Daily Mail claim: ‘Despite the later climbdown, Shaw could yet face punishment from the FA, who will decide on Monday whether to proceed with any disciplinary action.

‘Shaw could receive a ban if the FA decide to charge him.

‘Under FA regulations, any player comments that ‘imply bias or attack the integrity’ of match officials can lead to a misconduct charge under Rule E3(1).

‘There is no stock sanction for the charge and the FA have until Wednesday to make their decision. The punishment is determined by an independent regulatory commission.’

Many pundits and former referees have argued that the penalty should have been given by the referee but the FA will surely overlook all these comments and will be fully focused on Luke Shaw.

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