Ole Solskjaer Man United EPL
Ole Solskjaer Man United

Man United slumped to a 5-0 loss to arch-rivals Liverpool in the Premier League on Sunday and immediately after the loss, the fans want Ole Solskjaer to be shown the door.

The manager came in with a lot of promise and at one point, he looked like the man who will bring the glory days back. But with each passing week, his tactical inability is coming to the forefront and everything was laid bare on Sunday.

Liverpool made a mockery of Man United all around the pitch and while the fans are pointing fingers at the players, pundit Gary Neville has put the blame on the coaching staff.

“It does come down to the coaching team, it’s nowhere near good enough,” the former England defender told Sky Sports, as quoted.

“What stands out in my mind is their organisation around the press. The manager and his coaching staff have to take the blame for the pressing game today. Why would you do that? They are not a pressing team, they haven’t got it in them.

“Manchester United are kidding themselves that they are a pressing team, that they can coordinate it as one.

“This is the first super team they are playing against and they are being pulled apart like they wouldn’t believe. Liverpool have done their homework. The minute [United] play a proper team, this is what is going to happen. Half-decent teams are putting goals against them, proper teams will batter them. It’s crazy stuff there.”

Ole Solskjaer will not be sacked: Here’s why

Normally, after such a poor result, it’s obvious that Ole will be under a lot of pressure and if this was any other club it would have been certain that the owners will be looking for a replacement by now.

But not Manchester United.

There are two main reasons why even after such an embarrassing defeat, Man United are not likely to sack Ole Solskjaer.

The first reason is that a manager is usually shown the door when the players start turning on him. But till now, that’s not the case with Ole Solskjaer.

After the 5-0 loss, Harry Maguire has come out to issue an apology about his and his teammates’ performances while Luke Shaw has refused to acknowledge that Solskjaer is inept at making big tactical decisions.

‘I think it’s ourselves we need to look at first and foremost in the mirror. Are we doing everything right and preparing right for the games ourselves?,’ Shaw told Stadium Astro, as quoted.

‘Of course have the tactics and how the manager wants us to play. But I think at times we’re way too easy to play through against.

‘For example look at the first goal, it can’t be possible to have three [Liverpool players] running through in the first five minutes.

‘We need to be more compact, we need to be better, we know that.

‘I think also maybe we could say this result was coming. I think in past games where we’ve won we haven’t been at our best and we know that, we felt that inside the dressing room. Today we need to reflect and we have to move on from this because it hurts.’

Until the players are standing by the manager, it’s never easy to push a manager out of the door. And in this scenario, it seems like the Man United boys are keeping their faith on Solskjaer.

The second and perhaps the biggest reason is that the Glazers want a manager whom they can easily dominate and Ole is one of those figures.

The Norwegian is one who’ll always be ready to shield the management and take the blame on himself. Unlike other managers like Mourinho, he’s never come out to speak against his players or the board, despite so many gaffes.

And when you don’t want to spend the right finances to take the team forward, you always want someone who is going to stand at the forefront and take the bullet.

Obviously, Ole Solskjaer is not going to stay till eternity as the pressure is building up on him but we don’t see him getting the sack in the immediate future, especially with a tough round of fixtures coming up.

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