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UEFA Champions League

UEFA are set to hold a secret meeting his week in Nyon to discuss a series of changes which could change the whole outlook of the Champions League.

The Wall Street Journal has published a report which mentions this secret meeting and the possible changes which could be discussed.

What is set to be discussed in the UEFA meeting?

There are a few things which are set to be discussed:

  1.  A new closed qualifying process is set to be proposed which if happens will favour the big clubs.

2.  UEFA are also planning to shift the usual midweek fixtures into the weekends.

What repercussions will these changes have?

If UEFA has its way and the first option is implemented then smaller teams will find it really hard to qualify for the UEFA Champions League.

And if the Tuesday and Wednesday fixtures are shifted to the weekends then it will be a huge setback for the domestic leagues. Most domestic leagues are played during the weekend and if UEFA decides to move the Champions League then surely smaller leagues like the Eredivisie and the Scottish Premiership will find it really hard to get viewerships.

Why are UEFA planning these changes?

It is being reported that the recent buzz around the breakaway of a Super League has prompted the governing body of football in Europe to make these calls.

But having said that though even if these changes are approved then too they should only come into effect in 2024.

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