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Football is a sport that is not only popular for its competitiveness and exciting plays but also for the numerous variety of betting markets it offers.

Bettors from around the world visit A-list sportsbooks like to bet on various football leagues and competitions, including English Football League, UEFA Champions League, La Liga, and much more.

A vast selection of these bookies offer hundreds of betting markets on which football enthusiasts can bet. However, not every bet that gets placed at a sportsbook wins. Understanding various football markets is important if you want to be on the winning side. It can go a long way in influencing better betting choices, leading to more wins.

Here are the football betting markets that are most common among bettors:


The outright market in football betting goes beyond placing bets on the outcome of a football match. It is a long-term betting market where bets are placed on the outcome of a football competition. Outright bets are normally placed before the competition begins, although bettors can also wager after the commencement of the competition. This type of bet requires bettors’ research before the competition starts. The two most popular outright bets are;

  • Outright winner: This outright bet comes with very high odds. You wager on the team that would likely be the overall winner of the competition.
  • Relegation: This type of outright bet involves a bettor making predictions on the team that would be moved to a lower division.
  • Other types of outright bets include, To Qualify, Top 4 finish, Bottom 3, Top Goal scorer, and so on.

Over/Under Market

The Over/Under the market involves betting on the number of goals to be scored in a football game. Interestingly this type of bet does not have to be on the exact number of goals to be scored. The bet depends on whether the number of goals scored would be below or above a particular number.

For instance, betting under 2.5 goals means that the team you are betting on needs to score equal to or below 2 goals, including zero goals, for you to win the bet. While betting above 2.5 means the team you are betting on needs to score three goals and over for you to win. Anything below that is a loss for you. This bet can also be limited to a particular half of the match. It could be the first half or second half.

The Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap is a form of spread betting that originates from Indonesia. Here, a team must win a match by more goals before a bettor can win the bets placed on them. Draw results are usually eliminated in the Asian Handicap market. Bettors should note that the betting rules for this type of bet vary from bookie to bookie. The team you bet on should have greater ability in terms of past performances, financial buoyancy, form, home-field advantage, and so on.

Draw No Bet

In this market, bettors are offered the option of placing bets on either a home or away win. If the selection is successful, the bet is won, but if it results otherwise, the bet is lost. However, if a match ends in a draw, the money staked on the bet would be refunded. Bettors find this betting market beneficial because it is flexible, secures their deposit, and keeps bettors on a safer side when backing defensive teams.

Sure Bet

Sure bet, otherwise known as arbitrage, is most often considered by bettors to be the safest of all the betting markets. This bet involves wagering on all possible outcomes of a football match with the guarantee of making a profit regardless of how the match turns out.

In-Play Football Betting

In-play betting, otherwise known as live betting, is a type of bet that can be compared to reading books while an examination is going on. It involves placing bets after the commencement of a particular football match. One good thing about this bet is that it is backed up by evidence that bettors can rely on. You have the opportunity to wager based on what you see happening.

Correct Score Betting

This involves taking on the exact number of goals that would be scored in the game. . The predictions must be specific and on point for a bettor to win. The different types of correct score betting are correct full-time, correct half-time, and full-time/half-time correct scores.

Although these are the most popular football betting options in a sportsbook, this list is not exhaustive. Bookmakers also offer other varying wagering lines on their listed football matches.

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