A West Ham fan might have just pulled the biggest prank on Tottenham Hotspur


At the end of last season, the Spurs fans gave an emotional goodbye to White Hart Lane as the team was about to shift bases to a new stadium. But now it looks like a West Ham fan might just have ruined the new Spurs Stadium.

A Twitter user by the username @Stanwhu1 shared two pictures on his feed which surely has given many Spurs fans a mini heart attack. The picture shows a West Ham scarf that has been concreted into the new Spurs Stadium. As per reports, the West Ham fan is working as an employee of the construction company that is building the new Spurs Stadium.

As soon as he put up the picture, he has received a lot of negative criticism about the incident from Spurs fans all over the world. But instead of apologising, the fan has gone one to make a claim that he has put a West Ham shirt under the centre circle.

Time to start digging up the pitch maybe?

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