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What is the UEFA Nations League?

Well, for starters we know that you are confused, Don’t worry because a large number of fans feel exactly the same way.

The UEFA Nations League is something that seems to have popped up from nowhere and is now all over the news so we decided to take a thorough look at ‘What is the UEFA Nations League?’

What is the UEFA Nations League and how will it be played?

The UEFA Nations League is the brainchild of Michael Platini which will see the 55 European nations divided into four leagues, and each of the leagues will be determined by each country’s Uefa ranking last November.

How far does the UEFA Nations League date back?

This is the very first UEFA Nations League and it was first announced in October 2017.

What is the benefit of the Nations League?

According to UEFA, the league will help eliminate all the unnecessary friendlies and will ensure that evenly matched teams play against each other.

It will also mean that the nations will get consistent games every international break leading up to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Another big advantage of the UEFA Nations League is that it provides another chance of getting into the Euro 2020. The last four places in the Euro 2020 will be decided amongst the 16 group winners of the Nations League or the next best teams.

How will the tournament take place?

The tournament will kick off with 55 European nations and the games will take place every two years in the months of September, October and November.

The 55 teams have been divided into four leagues and each league consists of four group – all of which are based on the nations’ rankings.

Will the UEFA Nations League benefit the countries?

UEFA certainly thinks so as they feel that every nation will get to play meaningful games which will help them prepare better for the Euro 2020 and for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

What is the UEFA Nations League – explained:

What is the UEFA Nations League?
What is the UEFA Nations League?

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