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The Premier League is the most famous footballing league in the world and many feel that the level of talent is one of the primary reasons for that.

But apart from the talents, one of the big reasons why the Premier League is the most watched is because of the fierce rivalries.

Man United vs Man City, Man United vs Liverpool, Liverpool vs Everton are only a few rivalries which grab the eyeballs of the footballing world.

So the people at Mirror conducted an online survey to find out which is the most hated Premier League club.

And the results have put us all into a bit of a shock.

Simply because Manchester United are not the most hated club.

Yes, you ask any football fan and he will confidently say that United are the most hated Premier League club. But as per this survey, there is one more club above Jose Mourinho’s men.

And that club is Chelsea.

It might be hard to digest but as the survey, London outfit Chelsea are the most hated Premier League club followed by Manchester United and then Liverpool.

Defending Premier League champions, Manchester City make an appearance on the seventh spot which makes then the least hated club amongst the big six.

West Ham United make a surprise entry at number four and 47.6 per cent fans hold a grudge against the Hammers.

Huddersfield are at the bottom off the list with only 9.7 per cent of the votes.

The full results of the most hated Premier League club are as follows:

Chelsea – 68.7%

Man Utd – 68.1%

Liverpool – 52.8%

West Ham United – 47.6%

Arsenal – 46.2%

Tottenham Hotspur – 43.5%

Man City – 38.7%

Cardiff – 36.5%

Crystal Palace – 29.7%

Everton – 27.0%

Watford – 24.0%

Newcastle – 23.5%

Wolves – 20.1%

Leicester – 18.9%

Southampton – 16.3%

Brighton – 16.2%

Fulham – 15.0%

Burnley – 13.3%

Bournemouth – 10.2%

Huddersfield – 9.7%

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