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Cristiano Ronaldo

It looks like Cristiano Ronaldo will do anything to secure a move out of Manchester United to be able to play in the Champions League next season. Even if that requires him to join Real Madrid’s arch-rivals Atletico Madrid.

During his time at Madrid, Ronaldo was the eye-sore for the Atleti fans but now that Man United have failed to qualify for the UCL, CR7 is even willing to play under Diego Simeone.

Jorgen Mendes, Ronaldo’s agent has practically gone to every major European club but almost all of them have rejected the proposal to sign the Portuguese superstar. PSG, Bayern, Chelsea and even Real Madrid have decided not to bring him on board.

And now, in a desperate attempt to move out of Old Trafford, Cristiano Ronaldo is willing to join Atletico Madrid despite Erik ten Hag being adamant that the forward is not up for sale.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo seriously thinking about joining Atletico Madrid?

This news should hardly come as a surprise because last summer, he was willing to join Manchester City in a bid to leave Juventus but thankfully, that did not happen because Man United swept in and signed him up.

Now that United have failed to finish in the top four, CR7 is no longer willing to hang around because he believes that he needs to be playing in the Champions League.

At 37, Ronaldo has only one or maybe two top-flight seasons left in him and he surely doesn’t want to spend those playing in the Europa League.

He spent nine glorious years with Real Madrid, winning multiple trophies but right now, those mean very little to the Portuguese. All he wants is to leave Manchester United at any cost. Moving to the MLS or to the UEA is not an option for him and since most of the big clubs have already rejected him, he has no other option but to scrape the very bottom of the barrel.

Will Atletico Madrid be willing to sign Cristiano Ronaldo?

Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone is said to be keen on bringing Cristiano Ronaldo on board and this is perhaps the last bit of hope left for the forward.

However, CBS Sports journalist Ben Jacobs has revealed that this transfer will not be so straightforward because of the financial demands of the player.

He wrote on Twitter: “Atletico Madrid are distancing themselves from a move for Cristiano Ronaldo. Club sources say a transfer is “problematic and unrealistic currently”. There is some interest from Diego Simeone but Atleti aren’t currently in a position to move, not without selling first.

Manchester United maintain Ronaldo is not for sale, a stance that will be tested if/when a concrete offer is made. Ronaldo would be open to Atleti. Madrid and UCL football is a strong fit. But Atleti aren’t in a position to move imminently even if Ronaldo took a pay cut.

“Jorge Mendes is exploring all possibilities. He even went to Barcelona prior to Robert Lewandowski’s arrival. Nothing came of talks but contact was made.

“On Ronaldo’s side, the interest in Atleti is also very real. The challenge is around whether the financials of a move are possible and quickly and it’s also a test of how much say Simeone gets. One to watch, because there is some contact, but Atleti well aware of the challenges.”

Ben Jacobs is one of the more reliable journalists in Europe and according to him, Cristiano Ronaldo is so desperate that he was also ready to join Barcelona so it’s very much likely that if Atletico can work out the finances then CR7 will be booking the next private jet to Madrid.

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