SC East Bengal
SC East Bengal

SC East Bengal are in a mess right now and to make matters worse, the club are likely to skip the (Football Sports Development Limited)FSDL meeting which is scheduled to be held on Wednesday.

Anandabazar claim: “The FSDL will hold a meeting with all ISL teams on Wednesday. However, SC East Bengal may not be present at the meeting as the final agreement has not been signed.

“The meeting will discuss club licensing and bank deposits. If there is no SC East Bengal in this meeting, there may be problems with the ISL game this season.”

Will SC East Bengal not play in ISL 2021-22?

Monday was the last day of furnishing the bank guarantee of 180 crores to the (FSDL) to secure their participation in ISL 2021-22 but that date has already passed. And now it seems like the club officials have no intentions of attending the meeting.

An official told Bengali Newspaper Anandabazar: “Investors have the right to play sports. Then they will go to the FSDL meeting, that is normal. If they can’t go for us, why don’t you tell us directly? Why do we have to know from the media?

“We are still steadfast in our position. We will not sign the final agreement until the error has been corrected. I hope they will listen to us.”

Shree Cement and the East Bengal official have been at loggerheads about signing the necessary contracts and amidst the limbo, EB’s future in the ISL is being pushed into doubts with each passing day.

To date, no new player has been signed by the club for the upcoming season and we are certain there will be no movement in the transfer market unless the two parties come to an agreement.

Either the SC East Bengal officials will have to put their head down and sign the contract or Shree Cement, the investors, will have to surrender the sporting rights back to East Bengal. But for this to happen, they will have to give East Bengal 50 crores which were spent on expenses of the last season.

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