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Jurgen Klopp reveals how Liverpool can outwit Man City and pick up a win at Wembley

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Liverpool take on Manchester City twice in a span of just seven days and as per Jurgen Klopp, there’s a very simple formula that his players can use on Saturday to be able to get the better of their current arch-rivals.

The Liverpool boss was asked if he will come up with some new tactics for the FA Cup semi-final and while replying to this question, the manager has instead emphasised the fact that his players need to stand up to the occasion, before anything else.

Klopp has asked all his players to give their 100% on Saturday, something which was missing from their performance when these two sides met last weekend in the Premier League.

He said in his pre-match press conference: “I think City was really strong last week, and we were not at our best, so I would like to see a game where we are at our best as well. It would be interesting. So, let’s give it a try. Maybe that would be a surprise, all of a sudden we are good.

“So, the boys did a lot of good stuff in the game, but I really think in a couple of positions we are really able to perform on a completely different level. So, I think we should give that a try. Then, it’s a cup game, a one-off, [which] means if it’s 2-2 again, it’s 120 minutes and then if it stays there, 2-2, then it goes to a penalty shootout, it’s crazy. That would be really crazy if we have to go all the way.

“But honestly, I really like that. I want to have 12 games from now until the end of the season, I want to be in the finals and all these kinds of things, it’s not about that, it’s just it’s tough and makes it not easier. But it’s still the best schedule to have because it means you are in all competitions, as long as some are possible.

“I’m really looking forward to the game. Wembley is a big pitch, so we have to cover a lot of grass, to run a lot, to close big gaps and all these kinds of things, but I think it will be cool. Of course, both teams will use the last game for the analysis, of course, and we will see who uses it better.”

Jurgen Klopp has hit the nail on the head since several Liverpool players were below par in that 2-2 draw on Sunday. Players like Henderson and Alisson were pretty average in that match so there are a lot of areas of improvement for the Anfield outfit.

Liverpool have not been able to beat City in their previous five meetings across all competitions, with their last win coming way back in 2019 which was a 3-1 win in the Premier League.

This game though will definitely have a result because one of them will have to process to the final and most of the pundits will be putting their money on Liverpool to go through.

It’s not like Liverpool are the better side but they have a lot of room for improvement as compared to their last weekend’s game and at the same time, they have a pretty chilled out 90 minutes in their UCL tie.

Also, Liverpool have a very good away record going into this tie as they haven’t tasted defeat in their last 11 away games so there’s every chance that Jurgen Klopp’s side might nick this one in regulation time itself.

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