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Former Manchester United star Paul Ince has asked Antonio Conte to question himself rather than pointing fingers at everyone else for Chelsea’s horrible run of form.

Chelsea have suffered two back to back defeats in the Premier League and have managed to pick up just two wins out their previous 10 fixtures. And after Monday’s 4-1 humiliation at the hands of Watford, the Italian manager has challenged his Chelsea board to sack him.

According to Paul Ince though, Antonio Conte needs to be more like Jose Mourinho if he wishes to save his job at Stamford Bridge.

Ince told PaddyPower(as reported by the Metro):‘The arguments Conte is having with the board, essentially telling them to sack him if they aren’t happy with the job he’s doing, will have a detrimental effect on the players – whether he’s right or not, 

‘When you join Chelsea, you know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for, in terms of the owner and his team – it’s ruthless.

‘Conte won’t like this, but he needs to take a leaf out of Mourinho’s book and turn the focus of discussions back onto football.’

‘Conte has made it clear that he’s not happy with the club’s transfer dealings this season,’ continued Ince.

‘But I’m afraid that’s just the way it is – the top players are always going to go to top clubs. Why would they go to Chelsea over United or City

‘Besides, the club backed him in the summer with £58million on Alvaro Morata, who has been hit and miss, and hardly a successful signing.

‘Plus Chelsea have spent more than £200million on new players this season, adding to a title-winning squad. Most managers in the league would love to be in that position – Conte is just making excuses.’

Antonio Conte will need to pull up his socks as the battle to save his chair in the dugout will not get any easier. Chelsea will now have to face the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City and Barcelona – twice, within the span of a fortnight.

And if the Italian fails to pull out good enough results from these fixtures then surely he will have to pack up his bags.

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