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There are 5 new VAR rules for the 2020/21 PL season: More controversies?

Premier League

The 2019/20 Premier League season just concluded a couple of weeks ago and within the next fortnight, the new campaign is all set to begin.

The unexpected lockdown means the summer break has been cut drastically short this time around which is why all the teams have had to scrap any plans of a lengthy pre-season training camp.

The new season starts on the 12th of September and as per reports, the Premier League authorities have decided to make a number of key changes to their VAR rules this time around.

VAR had its fair share of controversies last season and it has clearly divided opinion amongst the fans as well as the pundits. But the technology is undoubtedly here to stay for the long run.

Here are a few important changes that will be brought into effect regarding the use of VAR during the 2020/21 campaign:

Using pitch-side monitors for VAR decisions:

Last season, the on-field referees depended solely on their counterparts at Stockley Park to make decisions but this time around, the referees have been encouraged to use the pitch-side monitors more often.

Not raising flags for potential offside decisions:

Linesmen have been asked not to raise their flags immediately for a potential offside decision in case of direct goal-scoring opportunities. And this is in line with the rule that is currently being used in the UEFA competitions.

Keeping an eye on goalkeepers:

During the 2020/21 Premier League season, VAR will now have the job to monitor goalkeepers during penalties in order to make sure they keep one of their feet planted on the goal line when the ball is struck.

VAR to determine encroachments:

Encroachments will also be dealt with by the VAR but on a case to case basis.

A player will only be punished for encroaching during a penalty if he is directly influencing the game(either by scoring a goal or by clearing the ball).

No more lines for VAR:

Last season, the television fans got to see lines drawn on the screen whenever there was an offside decision being taken.

But for the current Premier League season, the authorities have made it clear that no such lines will be drawn during the course of the match. Broadcasters might do the same but only once the match is finished.

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