Real Madrid vs Juve: 3 players that could make an impact for Real

Real Madrid are set to take on Juventus in the UEFA Champions League final this weekend at Cardiff.

It is going to be a thrilling encounter and we can’t wait for the match to get started. We look at three players for Real Madrid who can make a difference on the night.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo:

Who else but Ronaldo, right? He has been the go-to man for Real Madrid this season. For a few seasons now, to be quite honest. Everything he touches turns into gold.

We are pretty sure that Ronaldo will form a big part of Allegri’s team talks. The Portuguese has played 12 games in this season’s UCL and has managed to find the net 10 times.

He has created as much as twenty chances. This means he has managed to create 1.6 chances per game. And surprisingly he has converted 1.2 of those chances.

But one area that Ronaldo certainly needs to look upon is his defensive role. Juventus are a deadly counter-attacking side and if Ronaldo is not upon for the tracking back job then Juve can seriously hurt Zidane’s men.


2. Toni Kroos:

Not many midfielders can boast a record like this German. He is the engine that makes the whole Real Madrid team tick.

Long passes, through passes, name it and this man can pull them out easily. As if it were as easy as pulling a rabbit out of the hat. But then that is what Kroos is, a magician.

Paul Scholes recently said that during his later years at United he tried and model his game like Toni Kroos. When such a legend praises him, you have to stand up and take notice.

Juventus really need to come up with a plan to stop this man from bringing his A game into the final. If the Italians let him play his natural game then he can certainly hurt them.


3. Luka Modric:

Many people would think that Sergio Ramos’ name should be on this list. I mean, why not. He is a world class defender who can get the goals when his team needs them the most.

But instead, we decided to go with Luka Modric. You see, every team has a player who is the silent hero of that team. No limelight hogging intentions, no headline-grabbing comments, just go out the do the job. And that is exactly what Modric is.

When you pinpoint players who can win you a match, not many people would pick Modric. But trust me, he is very important. He is someone who will sit in midfield and quietly do his job. No fuss whatsoever.

He is superb in breaking up play. He also has a vision. A vision to put forward passes as and when required.

So we predict that Modric might be a key man if Real Madrid are to win the title.