Arsene Wenger charged with misconduct


Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has been charged by the FA for misconduct against the fourth official. The incident took place during Arsenal’s Premier League game against Burnley during the weekend.

Arsene Wenger had been sent off during the game after his protest against the penalty awarded to Burnley in the 92nd minute. He had an argument with the match officials and as a result was sent to the stands. But he stood in the tunnel trying to catch the final minutes of the action. Wenger seemingly pushed Taylor out of his way when Anthony Taylor was telling him that he could not watch the match from the tunnel corridor.

Wenger said that he thought he could watch the game from the corridor but later apologized saying that he should have shut up and regretted everything. A regulatory committee of the FA will decide the nature of punishment that will be handed out to the Arsenal boss. That is, whether he will get a touchline ban or a fine, or both.

Wenger might receive a touchline suspension after his misconduct during the game against Burnley.

But looking at Arsene Wenger’s past record it is highly unlikely that a fine will be imposed on him. And he will probably get a touchline ban.

The match sprung into the life after the Wenger incident had happened. Burnley scored from the penalty spot to level the score against the Gunners. But then Alexis Sanchez scored a dramatic 98th-minute penalty to snatch a superb win for the Gunners. The win was a much-needed one for Arsenal, as they moved over London rival Spurs to the second place in the Premier League. Arsenal need face Southampton away from home in the FA Cup fourth round match.

Sanchez scored the 98th-minute winner.