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James Maddison and Tammy Abraham

Tammy Abraham has found it really tough to settle down in the Chelsea senior side and to make matters worse, he seems to have fallen down the pecking order under new manager Thomas Tuchel.

The centre-forward has scored six goals and provided two assists in 20 Premier League games this season and these stats are nowhere close to the quality and effectiveness that a Chelsea frontman should possess.

And according to pundit Lee Hendrie, Tammy Abraham should be looking to link up with Aston Villa, the club where he a quite successful loan spell during the 2018-19 season.

He exclusively told Football Fancast: “I’m a big fan of Tammy, I really am. I just feel that he’s got great energy. When he was at Villa for that period of time, he was immense, he really was. He was a breath of fresh air, he gave it that belief, he gave fans a lot of pleasure and he scored a lot of goals.

“It might be that Tammy has to leave Chelsea, and I do feel that coming to Villa, I think it’d be a fabulous fit.

“He’s a player I’d have all day at the club because, at the moment you’re looking at the overload that Ollie Watkins has gone through this season, [he’s] played a hell of a lot of games.

“Imagine having those two in your squad. I just feel that’d be a massive positive push for Villa.”


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Last season, Tammy Abraham had scored 15 goals in the Premier League and he was shaping up to be the next top striker at the club. He managed to accumulate as many as 25 starts in the league which was indeed a great number considering he’d just come back from loan.

But this season, things have gone completely downhill for the 23-year-old as a string of poor form and injuries has halted his progress. So far, he’s started only 12 Premier League games and he’s not been in the squad for the past few matches due to an injury.

Tuchel clearly does not trust Tammy Abraham being his main front man and there’s a big chance that the manager will look to sell him off if he can bring in a new centre-forward this summer.

A number of clubs will want to sign the 23-year-old if he’s up for sale but Aston Villa holds a special place in his heart and there’s a big chance that Dean Smith might come asking for him if Tuchel puts him up for sale in the coming months.

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