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The concept of the European Super League might have collapsed within just a few days of its announcements but we should be bracing ourselves for the British Super League.

Over the past couple of months, there have been whispers that the Premier League is in need of a major reform and now according to The Sun, an all-British league could be launched which could see Old Firm giants Celtic and Rangers FC play along with the big boys of England.

The report claims: “CELTIC and Rangers are wanted to join an all-BRITISH League as part of the fall-out from the failed Euro Super League breakaway plot.

“While the Big Six led the humiliating retreat from the Super League debacle, they are still convinced that reform of the Prem is essential. Top of the list of plans being actively discussed is an offer to the two Glasgow giants to come and play south of Hadrian’s Wall.

“And unlike the Super League shambles which was condemned globally, it’s likely an enlarged Premier League including the Old Firm would be BACKED by Fifa, Uefa and the UK Government.”

According to the report, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is ready to back this league to stop Scotland from seeking independence and the new-look tournament could have only 18 teams.

The UK government to the Royal Family, all were vigorously against the idea of the Super League but this all-British league could see the backing of all the major authorities, including FIFA who have advocated for cross-border leagues.

While talking about mergers of leagues of two major countries, FIFA President Gianni Infantino had said: “If we want teams to play at the highest level around the world we need to have new ideas and we need to see that.

“I am confident the best decisions will be made in that regard but any mergers must be done with respect to the rules.”

Here are some key points about the British Super League:

  1. The new-look league could have 18 instead of 20 teams.

2. There also a possibility of a top-four play-off similar to the rugby league.

3. PM Boris Johnson is backing this proposal to stop Scottish Independence.

4. SPFL sides like Rangers and Celtic will get to play alongside the Premier League clubs.

5. This new league is expected to get the backing of all the major authorities.

It’s still unclear how things will pan out and there’s a big chance this proposition might also die a swift death just like the European Super League. But clubs like Celtic and Rangers could be really inclined to see this one go through since they will have the chance to rub shoulders against some of Europe’s biggest teams.

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