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Liverpool failed to overturn a two-goal deficit from the first leg vs Real Madrid meaning they have now been knocked out of the Champions League.

Real Madrid managed to keep a clean sheet at Anfield this week, thereby ensuring they move into the semi-finals of the competitions whereas Liverpool now only have the Premier League to look forward to.

The Merseyside outfit had been in really poor form during the second half of the season but their performances were slowly improving in the past couple of weeks. Now this sudden exit has put a halt to all the good work and there are fears that Liverpool could spiral down once again.

Many experts believe Liverpool might find it hard to get their act together which is why they are likely to miss out on a top-four finish in the Premier League. But according to their manager, his players are not going to be adversely affected by this exit.

Klopp told the press after the second leg: “That will not happen that it impacts us negatively. We are not silly. We want what we earn.

“If we don’t earn it 100 per cent, then we respect the situation that we don’t get it. How I said, tonight if we scored an early goal this game would’ve been a different one – I think everybody knows that but it’s hypothetical, we didn’t.

“But it has now no impact on the Premier League, apart from that we don’t play midweeks at least internationally – I’m pretty sure Premier League plays midweeks if I’m right. So we can concentrate and focus on the Premier League – what we will and what we have to.

“But it’s tough just because we are still not in the hot seat, I would say, and we face Leeds on Monday, so that’s a tough one. What can I say? They are the leader in all physical stats in the Premier League pretty much, so you better run a lot yourself.

“We have a few days until then, we will use that and then we make sure we are ready for that.”

In their last 14 matches across all competitions, Liverpool have lost seven games and drawn one, so clearly they are not in the best of forms right now. And now with this added pressure of finishing in the top-four, there’s a big chance they could drop a couple of more points before the end of the season.

The Anfield outfit are currently sixth on the league table, three points behind the fourth spot so they will have to ensure that they win each and every game from now until the end of the season. But this might be easier said than done since Liverpool still need to face teams like Leeds and Manchester United in the coming weeks.

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