Jurgen Klopp Liverpool
Jurgen Klopp Liverpool

Liverpool return to the Premier League this weekend as they take on Everton in the Merseyside Derby on Sunday and the Anfield outfit are only a couple of points short of winning their maiden EPL title.

Last season they went agonisingly close to picking up the trophy but in the end, Manchester City held their nerves. This time, City are miles behind their arch-rivals and there’s very little chance that Liverpool will mess it up – on the pitch.

Off the pitch, things have certainly been a lot complicated thanks to this unexpected halt and right before their return, Jurgen Klopp has admitted that he was indeed nervous not because of the prolonged wait but when the buzz of null and void picked full force.

“Honestly yes,” he said in his press conference. “I didn’t think when we went to lockdown ‘Oh my god, that is our season, we are so close’, because it was not important in that moment. 

“I became worried in the moment when people started talking about ‘null and void’ this season because I was like ‘Wow’. And I really felt it physically. That would have been really, really hard. 

“We don’t expect to get it as a present so we didn’t want to have a points-per-game basis. We were really happy when it was decided we could play again. 

“There were moments when some people brought it up from time to time for different reasons but when it was off the table I felt quite relieved. If they had done points-per-game and we couldn’t have played then we would have been champions but now we aren’t and we have to play for it and that is great, that is how it should be in sports. 

“And now we go for it. We don’t think in our mind we are already there. We know the situation in the table, we saw City playing, we see all the other teams. We needed a lot of work to come around to where we are this season but we needed luck as well and that’s what we need again. It will be tough, tougher than tough, the next few weeks. 

“I hope I can enjoy it as hard work is never a problem for us but we need to make sure we can play the best football we can play.

“But we will be fine and we will see what we have to celebrate and how we celebrate but these things are only important in the moment when it has finally happened and not before.”

Liverpool take on Everton on Sunday and then they host Crystal Palace at home in midweek. So if they can manage to pick up wins in both these games then next Friday when they take on Manchester City, the Anfield outfit will officially be the Premier League champions of the 2019-20 season.

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