Mohun Bagan a major set back as their President resigns


Mohun Bagan are not going to a very good phase for the past couple of months. Firstly they were unable to secure a place in this season’s ISL campaign. And now in Mohun Bagan’s latest news, their charismatic president Swapan Sadhan Bose has resigned from the Presidential post.

Swapan Sadhan Bose a.k.a Tutu Bose has been a backbone of the club for quite some time now. And he has continuously helped the club during times of need. Bose who is a business tycoon owns a shipping company as well as a newspaper publication house. And owing to this, he has constantly provided financial support to the team for the past couple of seasons. Especially when the club has been without a primary sponsor.

Mohun Bagan have been without any sponsor since their deal with McDowell’s got liquidated. And from that moment onwards, Bose has been paying large sums of money to keep the team afloat. While the former president has cited health conditions as the main reason behind his resignation, we strongly believe that it was his growing rift with the management that has led him to make such a decision.

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Tutu Bose and his son and also General Secretary of the club Srinjoy Bose were keen on bringing in a sponsor in order to play in the ISL. As per the sources, they were also willing to sacrifice a bit of power to get the deal done. But there were a few others in the club management who were opposed to the decision. And as a result of this dilemma, Bagan now have to play in the I-league rather than the ISL. While the I-League is still the national league of the country but it is very much a second fiddle now to the ISL.

And now with the president retiring Mohun Bagan are set to face a huge amount of turmoil in the coming months. If Bose decides to withdraw his financial umbrella from the club, then it will be very hard for Bagan to hold on to their players. Simply because they have no alternative source of income.

If Bagan don’t sort out this mess very quickly then they risk going down to the lower divisions. And very soon they might just become a team which will be found only in the history books.