Pep Guardiola has sent out a strong message to Real Madrid and it’s something that you probably did not expect


Ever since the previous season ended there has been a long queue outside AS Monaco’s office as teams lined up one by one in order to sign the talented youngster Kylian Mbappe. But with the high price tag that Monaco has set on the player, many teams immediately lost interest. But somehow both Manchester City and Real Madrid stayed on and have been fighting it out ever since.

The desperation for signing the 18-year-old had reached such a level that some teams also tried to talk to Mbappe personally without letting Monaco know about it. This seemingly upset the French side and they even released a formal statement claiming to take legal action if the concerned teams did not mend their ways. And many in the footballing world suggested that both Real Madrid and Man CIty were involved in the wrong doings.

According to latest news though, it is Real Madrid who are leading the race in signing Mbappe and many reports even claim that both Real and Monaco have reached an agreement. But it looks like this has angered Manchester City. And their manager Pep Guardiola has issued a warning to Real Madrid.

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But the warning is not related to talent or squad depth or even the number of trophies – the usual points conflicts. Rather the warning issued by Guardiola is about the amount of money that both teams are capable of spending.

Here’s what Guardiola said:

“Madrid doesn’t have more[money] than Manchester City has.

There’s a lot of teams that are playing in the Champions League that are in the Premier League.”

“Players are always important and we always try to get the best players possible. Abu Dhabi came in and they invested in the team and over the past few years, we’ve climbed to the top.”

“We’ve come a long way but in order to get to the level of Barcelona and Real Madrid we just need time.”

Are you shocked at Guardiola’s statements? Don’t worry, even we are.

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