Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Spurs
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Spurs

Spurs recently sacked Jose Mourinho and according to various reports, Daniel Levy is keen to appoint his successor before the 2020-21 season comes to an end.

The North London side have been linked with various managerial candidates over the past few weeks and there are whispers that Levy wants to bring in someone who is going to indulge in some fine attacking football – totally in contrast to what Jose Mourinho had been doing.

Names like Brendan Rodgers and Ten Hag have cropped up as the next managerial candidate, but according to Daily Mail’s football writer Ian Ladyman, Spurs will need to take a step backwards before they can start moving forward again.

He wrote in one of his articles: “Perhaps the main obstacle Daniel Levy faces when trying to recruit a new manager is that the Tottenham job is not as attractive as he thinks it is. The chairman might have to accept that before he makes the right appointment.

“Managers are wary of the modern Tottenham. They see a magnificent stadium and training ground. They see status.

“But they also see a level of expectation that exceeds what they can realistically be expected to deliver given the budgets for wages and transfers compared with other clubs at the top end of the Premier League.

“Spurs need a reboot. Maybe even a season when further steps are taken backward on the field if it’s all part of a plan to move them forward again. That was never going to be the Jose Mourinho idea and that’s fine. Mourinho is an open book when it comes to the short-termism of his management.”

Can Spurs attract big-name managers anymore?

Ian has hit the nail in the head primarily since Jose Mourinho has left the side in a complete mess and the last thing any big manager will want to do is to come in and waste time in a rebuilding process.

Clubs like Arsenal and Man United all had to go with relatively inexperienced managers to get things back in order, and to be honest they are still struggling to gain any sort of consistency.

People like Brendan Rodgers and Maurizio Sarri have been linked with the Spurs job but there’s no way they will be willing to come in and sort out this mess.

Also, Spurs are not likely to play in the Champions League next season which could see them lose players like Son and Harry Kane in the summer. And if Daniel Levy cannot promise to bring in apt replacements straight away then no world-class manager is going to be sitting at the Spurs dugout anytime soon.

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