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Super League: Indian football’s latest brainchild and why its flawed


Have you ever been on a Ferris wheel? If you have, then you will know that on a Ferris wheel, every time you go up, you also have come down. Well, the same thing applies to football as well.

But what if you are that kid who just keeps on planning of getting on the Ferris wheel but does not want to step foot on it. That is what the AIFF is doing at the moment right now. It’s coming up with one plan after the other. And their latest brainchild is the Super League.

The AIFF last week had decided that the ISL and I-league will be played as two separate tournaments simultaneously. So the next big question was who gets to play in the AFC tournaments? To solve this problem, the AIFF have come out with a potential solution in their latest meeting.

They plan to have a Super League which would be played to determine who qualifies for the AFC tournaments. But here is why the league can never work out.

Players are humans too:

So the AIFF is telling the players to play till you collapse on the ground. As it is the India football calendar has no parity with the world. We are on a different planet. Teams end up playing as much as 3 matches within a week. And to add another full league to the mix will just be inhumane. And on top of that, India is set to play in the SAFF Championships next year. So it will be virtually impossible to squeeze in a league.

I-League will become more profitable:

Yes, it sounds a bit hypothetical but that’s the reality. If the Super League happens then the I-league teams will suddenly be in an advantageous position. To play in the ISL every owner has to pay franchise fees. And on top of that, the maintenance cost is significantly higher. But that is not the case with I-League teams. There are no franchise fees or anything of that sort.

So it will be more profitable for teams like East Bengal and Mohun Bagan to play in the I-league and then try their luck in the Super League.

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